Friday, 19 June 2009

Chamomile – the National Flower of Russia

Flowers are known for its beauty. But it is rare to find a flora that can be very attractive while it relaxes your senses at the same time. Russia has discovered this in chamomile. And because of the plant’s benefits, they considered it as their National Flower for several years now.
Russia is a country that is very rich in culture. Aside from that, it is also famous for different aspects including the entertainment in various places as well. These are just some of the things that put a bond to the rest of Russia. However, the chamomile plant is considered as one of the best things that tie the country best. So, if you want to send flowers to Russia, don't take Chamomile. You can find most homes and places filled with this relaxing plant. You can even see the borders of Russia filled with chamomile flowers and plants.
The chamomile came from the western countries in the continent of Asia before Russia discovered its splendour. Now, it is not just Asia or Russia that are enjoying the benefits and the loveliness of the chamomile flower. The whole world has been growing the plant because of its medicinal benefits ad facade. And who would not want to see such flower inside their homes? Its enticing feature of yellow and white invites everyone for a hearty relaxation. Best of all, it can be turned into a tea as well. Chamomile teas are known for its calming properties which can help you relieve the daily tensions that you face. Moreover, the tea can also heal the muscles as well without any side effects regardless of how sensitive you are with herbs and foods.
How to grow Chamomile
Chamomiles only grow on a single season. That is why proper care is very important if you want to enjoy the benefits of chamomile while it lasts. Not only that it needs abundant sunlight but rich soil as well.

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